revibe your playlists


What do we do?

Spotivibes is a color-based playlist creator. Do you spend hours trying to find the perfect playlist for your mood? Always skipping through most of the songs, just to enjoy the few good ones in the playlist? Spotivibes might be just what you are looking for!

Together with you, we analyse your personalized music landscape and help you find the right playlist for each of your elusive vibes. We do not just go genre by genre, but use advanced algorithms on detailed music features like beats per minute, danceability and more, completely tailored to your own Spotify library. Start revibing your listening experience today with Spotivibes!

Who are we?

We are six TU Delft students who are currently doing a BSC Computer Science. This project was assigned for the Context Project course with context field of Multimedia Services. The developers are Hiba Abderrazik, Giovan Angela, Hans Brouwer, Henky Janse, Sterre Lutz and Gwennan Smitskamp. The context client is Cynthia Liem, assisted by Sandy Manolios and Bernd Kreynen.


Just give it a try! You can connect to Spotivibes and use our application for free.

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